Weight of Life

Born in the month of August
As free as I could possibly be
Young, lost, and lawless
Some women as fake as a push-up bra
I just prefer you all braless
Tell her a couple things then get it in
bouncin’ like hydraulics
Oh my, I might have fallen
I just don’t know when to call it
I don’t know why but I just might have had her drawn in
Was it my fault she’s gone and
did I go crazy
Did I lose sight lately
what happened to the vibe baby
Are you still the same view to my eyes, maybe
Who stole all those feelings I had
Why could I never get them back
There’s no explanation for these thoughts
No explanation when you’re lost
They say you eventually outgrow your friends
But potentially could the fault be more them then me
Cuz they just wanna party and drink
While I’m lost in my mind trying to do bigger things
And they just want to pull more bxtches
But my sight on my dream, I’m trying to get it
And they wanna waste time hanging out
When we could cause lines where these girls scream and shout
And they always say how they have nothing to do
And I’m sitting here only two years past 22
Why do we try to act like we’re already old
I’m too young to only be using alcohol to cope
I should be trying things instead of turning to them
Im a shining being
instead of an old light that’s too dim
What do I do to them
To motivate and inspire movements
in the end is it really my job
I just want all of this weight off
My shoulders…


Traveling on a star, shooting and falling
With disregard for failing and smashing hard
My passion huge, could be seen from afar
Just a supernova blasting too
No longer worried about what I couldn’t do
Aida told me “Joe there’s so much potential for you”
Just lacking credentials, with an influence so presidential
Anxious for my future, A place I can’t wait to get to
Going for four years just to get proof
Started it all because I knew I had less tools
Everybody’s sneezing, God blesses you
When you need it
You’re your only enemy, Mike J Beat It
No longer conceited because life humbles
Causing your stumbles
Stung by the bumbles
just get back up and get ready to rumble
Woken up by Michael Buffer’s voice
Erasing all that cluttered noise
Ladies and Gentlemen, and their kids
I’m going for it all, Mike J This Is It…

The Bus Stop

Coughing from the cold air
The chills when I’m still, still thinking about the feels
With my cold stare
Waiting for something to come and it’s so late
Lost in my old days but would I go back, no way
I’m already here, my foreseen future near
My morphined delusions postponing my career
But I’m still movin’, I was behooved to remove
These who I wish to never meet if I were given a redo
And yet I fear, if given a redo id just do over
So opposite of sober, gold is what got us this colder
I know I’d do whatever Id have to, to get back to
Ali, even living in the world of Cali
Even surrounded by the models of the valley
In the shapes of bottles
Tell me, women always tell men “you shouldn’t compare us”
I know what I want and won’t settle so that’s not something I’m scared of
Especially when she taught me not to beware of love
And how it feels to be taken care
And to trust during a time when I wouldn’t dare to trust
And then the bus rolls up
I get on, with the headphones on
Then I’m gone…

Melody of the Shy

Writing while I’m walking
To class as I see that ass
As I pass you by (*chuckles)
Yeah that means I turned around
But you turned around and seen me
And I looked away so I didn’t look creepy
If you meet me you’ll never know how nervous you make me
But I’ll tell you how perfect your face be
I couldn’t have waited, see
I am lost in your glare, stuck in my stare
You say hello “I think hell no,
Did she just say hi”
But really you said “you should take a picture, alright?!”
And I’m just really out of it now so
I wrote you this melody
Hopefully it is helping me
I want your permission
Think about the decision
But not too long cuz that’s time that were missin’
I don’t know how
But I’m the luckiest man in front of you right now
I caught your attention
And I guess I forgot what to say
Oh did I mention
It’s such a beautiful day
all because you’re in it
(I know that’s cheesy but I’m cheesing)
I hope I make an impression
And you never forget it…
I dont own a car yet, too much spending at barfests
Too many endings after great nights
Trying to come up with something perfect, art stress
What do I say to a woman I may never see
Again and again maybe I’ll never be
The man that you want from me
Plus I have goals, and I’m going to achieve em
As a child I had dreams, today I still believe em
I’m on my way to Stanford in a year and a half
And school, I no longer hate it
Yet I’m fan of USC, I know, it’s complicated
I’m complicated, I’m spontaneous
I’m like fuck it and I’ll just become famous
Do stupid things like I’m brainless
But never act like I’m stainless
No I’m never perfect and now I guess I’m ramblin’
Babblin’ to myself like I’m alone in a big mansion
And yet you’re still here, and I don’t know why
I guess I’m just a guy learning how to fly
Learning how to tell a girl hi and she never replies goodbye
And you know I’m just acting dumb
Yet you love it, you cannot front
You give me your number
and now I release the breathe I held in my lungs
I’ll call you later so we can have fun

Starry Nights

Wake up young man, wake up
With the stakes up and burnin’
On fire, turn ‘em, both sides cookin’
Everybody’s lookin’, everybody’s waitin’
Your mind debatin’ your heart, caged in
You’re on a bit of a losing streak
But you can turn it around
Take that weight, burn it to the ground
Now like 2pac, getting around
Then around and around the roller coaster goes
Getting old, you never get younger
But you can always pull yourself from down under
The wealth grows, but your health goes as you get drunker
Thinking about a girl, you thought you loved her
Lost in your past world, you wonder
What is there for me, yeah love hurts
The future, the future loves to scare you
Halloween, everyday 1031, at 1031, dancing on pretty buns
You know you’re a witty one
You can do this, get it done
Never lose, get it won
Strung off a dream, you get stronger
Life becomes funner
Or more fun for you English majors
I’m also one, I see you haters
I don’t hear you debaters
I know I scare you, but you get faker
Trying to trick me with your chasers
Won’t give it to me straight
You lie and throw me off my faith
But I don’t believe in you
Only me, at least you get to see me do
Things I’ll be, I’ll see through you
I know what you want, you won’t get it
On these starry nights my dreams become vivid…