Adam’s Alibi

Returning to you, for a limited time only
You were the soul to me
Whenever you would hold me, the cold me
I’d love every moment and cherish it so hopefully
You would never leave my side, you see
Why I was so into you, you know what I’ve been through too
A young abstract boy, a villain for everyone to blast at, a toy
For everyone to play with when they feel like it
And I was trying to defend myself against my feelings and hide it
So when I was there, I wasn’t
And you were there for me with your lovin
And then I blamed you when you were busy
and get mad at you while you were talking with me
I’m like, how does she even get me
How do we even move on blissfully
You’d speak about the truth, then I act like a youth and disgust your view
It’s like I’d tie up a noose and misuse the way I feel about you
And hang us up, I would always have to change us up
We’d get bored, and that’s when I lui kang kick it up
To another notch while all others watch
Acting like I’m your best even though I’m not
And then I act like it’s cold in my chest
When really I’m running from the rest of all the time you invest
I guess it’s my vest and how I protest and how I progress
Towards something more
Chilled cup of goose on the table
To answer my phone, i guess I’m unable
Dressed up to go out and then I go out
Find a girl that you don’t know about
But sometimes I just can’t go without
The both of us now
And even though were broken up, why are you curious
And get mad when I tell you, are you serious
Why so serious, no need to be furious
I thought my jokes could take the bat from the man
But they just end up being riddles instead of giggles
How could you even come back and understand
I’m just complicated yet obligated to untangle it
You’re trying to change me, I think I’ll just stay with it
And I’m doing good, out on the night with mike
And all eyes on me like I’m with a mic
In front of millions of people
All of us equal
And even though we’d fail our sequel
None of them could ever be you

Flower Child

How can someone be so beautiful
It’s unusual, that exotic view of you
Changing everything that I used to do
It’s motivating
my world’s dry lands cultivated cuz you look so amazing
Baby girl knows I’m close to fainting
I’m unknown to the way you make me
Feel, damn those chills when that smile’s revealed
Your appeal kills all ill and heals
My mind’s creating stills cuz there’s no way this is real
What’s the deal, especially with this wall I’ve built
Nobody’s supposed to break through
And make me feel things I don’t want to
But I thank you, I’d hate to waste
You, if I can’t take you just to make you
Happy, and it wasn’t meant to be
Then I guess fate will lose and get mad at me
With your shine on my mind I’m…
Lost for words, the vibe I feel that beats off of her
She knocked off the one in first
And put any others in a hearse
So all I’m seeing is you
With this feeling beaming through
And that’s how it starts
The planned robbery for your heart
I would never risk anything to ever sever or tear it apart
Cuz if there’s one thing I’ve learned
it’s that you only get one shot
Because other men, yeah there’s a lot
And there’s no way that they don’t notice you
I would do everything necessary to build
So I could propose to you
You’re all I wanna be closer to
And I go for what I need
I don’t sit back and wait for it to come to me
And you don’t need to wait for me
I’m right here, one day you’ll see…

Mariah’s Melody

I found life inside those eyes
Felt a vibe that forced my old ways to die
I found a reason to not look for the end
And I never want to find myself back there again
And even though I’m still lost, I’m still here
At least I’m still going
And all that bothered me, I no longer care
I know where I want to be, instead of nowhere
And even though I’m not there
At least I’m closer
And even though I don’t know her
At least I’m closer than where I was
I’m able to rise above all that had me battered
Nothing matters except what matters…

I was lost remains of a carcass in the darkness
Lifeless and feeling godless
That was when I found a Goddess to knock me off this
Lane imprisoned in my inner pain
No road, just the plains
Stuck on the ground like I was slain
Looking towards stars, seeing planes
Wondering, wandering, and pondering
A young lost being in the bottom of drinks
Couldn’t think, just sink, couldn’t sing, just a fiend
For blazing things and causing crazy scenes
All my amazing dreams stuck in my lazy schemes
I was my only teacher never trusting any other creature
Following the same procedures leading to pained seizures
An unaimed bullet targeting nothing, just a heat seeker
Fighting was casual, I was a crashing fool
Watching everyone laughing
And causing reactions from the bull
And lost my cool, but amongst the cruel
Was my Sensei, what a jewel
She always tells me “joe I’m here for you
No matter what you do
You don’t have to hold onto your baggage
All that has happened to you was tragic
But you can change all your bad habits and get back at it”
Her words were magic
My mother changed me the fastest
And now that I understand
I’ve awaken and I stand
A new man, a new plan
And as I’m a part of a new brand
I’m given a new chance
And even though it was late
I guess better late than never
Better is better than being my worst forever
Moving on, i finally see more
So much better than before
A new level where it’s harder to score
A game to keep me company, no longer bored
Can I actually be who I was meant to be
Can I beat all that keeps me from being free
I want to fulfill my promise and make it honest
Because I’ve been doing wrong for the longest
And that’s when I seen you
Something I didn’t mean to
It was all a surprise when I seen your eyes
When I felt your vibe, it was something I liked
Something I want to always be beside
And Sensei said the path you’re on is right
As long as you stay on the ride
To be with her, you might
And that’s all I’ve ever needed
To find someone that I forever want to be with
And they say love is just a chemical reaction of emotions
But its elements were able to melt me when I was frozen