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Will I be a Jedi or sith
I swear I could be the best guy or act like a bxtch
And I don’t mind admittin’ and asking for permission
For your forgiveness
This is my story, for these lines I give you admission
Welcome to my movie
Story of the WyldChild, so spooky
Yet as cute as snoopy, I’m chillin’ like droopy
And no matter how bad I feel
No worries, I’m Gucci
Lost women only to gain more
I never sweat her like Coogi
I’m a cool G in my new sneaks
I don’t do this usually and you’d say that if you knew me
But I’m trying out a new me
Smiles for a while, young, gifted, and wild
Yet alone like I’m one of those isles
Busy with decisions like I’m in the cereal isle
Flowing like the Nile, opening up all my files
Take a look, here they are
I’m in my own war of stars, right now my ship’s imperial
But it’s all good, I’m still growing like an imperial
So many variables that affect me
Like bad vibes and scary hoes, yet God has blessed me
With ways to get rid of those
Whole fam behind me telling me “get it joe”
Can’t believe I’m still allowed all these places I get to go
All these opportunities, it’s like I’m given immunity
From my bad decisions, loved by they community
They know I’m human, I can still create art beautifully
So now I’m doing me
Loving myself and accepting help
Finding things I love to do and turn em into wealth
Improving my health and never mad at the cards I’m dealt
Still I’m playing and going cray and
Wave and say hi when you see me go
As the days go by trying to get as smart as C3PO
And when I’m wrong, I have three PO’s
My Dad, my Mother Aida, and God
They know I’m a star, they want to see me glow
So here I go…

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Happy Birthday To You

You just turned twenty three
I remember your birthday
The worst way that I lost you
What a dummy, me
All I thought about and it lost you
Aida always telling, me
That’s all I think about when I dream without, you
What I didn’t think about just repeating
But never defeating as it’s all meaning
Nothing, just the same old screening
I’m breathing, once again, all about me
When it wasn’t all about you
When I had you in my heart while you turned twenty two
Damn, that was so far away from when I really had you in my heart
When you turned twenty one, I was dumb
It was hard, still I’m talking about you
As I’m staring at the stars
And I’m not thinking about what to write
I’m just releasing what is right
What I feel on this night
It just heals so I’m alright
That night I killed without a fight
Late on my bills, attention wasn’t paid
So I was hurtin’, no light
You showed me I was just a boy
And no man would admit that
Now you’re about to deploy
And no man could forget that
Moments like that will change you
And if ever get you back, would you be the same you
You’ve always been mentally strong
You’ve known it all along
You and I ignored all alarms
Even though it was on
I just thought about what’s wrong
I seen your pretty face the other day
Can’t say nothing when I heard what others say
Don’t want to know if you have another in your life
All I care is that you’re alright
I’ll be there in November
I’ll be where you remember
If I’m just a ghost, a trashed memory I suppose
Could I at least say hi, get a hug
Or would you just walk, bye
I wonder if I think about you just enough
And if you are in love
What did you do after I messed up
Am I really screwed, what’s up with us
And still I’m thinking about, me
When really it should be
All about you, all about truth
All of our youth, spent all with our blues
When will I learn, when will I turn
Into my evolved version
When will I become the right person
Just for you
And you may never see this
And I may never believe it
But this may be the worst way
Ali I wish you a happy birthday…

BF Forever

I don’t know what to name this yet
The plane just left
I guess the game is just ain’t what
I thought it was, what I’d thought I’d get
To get to fly above but still I’m nameless
I can’t just claim it, yelling ignorant shxt on tables
Like jameis, don’t know if im able
To gain it all back again
Knocked down by a blast of wind
You think you know me
Whether you show me I’m the homie or unholy
You hold me to the standards, I can’t just
Reach all the goals you sold
You showed me lies you told
My eyes on the gold
Just to get forever silver
The heart, I could never steal hers
It still hurts
I tell you I’m that ninja
With the proper figures
All of the fixtures
Just prop her on top
But somehow I never thought it’d kill Ya
Working for it all lost you, no longer could I call
And talk to you
Not knowing what I got to do
Walking amongst the people
I see you but think them to not be equal
Praying for a sequel, I’m just trying to survive
So one day again I could meet you
Just you, but the lost light in my eyes
From the the lies of the disguise to my demise
Demise is comprised of demon eyes
See the words pushed together
The good kush now mushed with weather
The slow drink flows so I could think
To know what I could speak
So I could see you look to me
The dreams I know I could seek
Thinking how I was ready
to find your lips at the end of the spaghetti
To the confetti falling upon our faces
God blessed me with mazes
Now in our car labeled just married
to the one I’m forever amazed with
Our hearts once empty spaces
Our lovely embraces freeing us from cages
When our hearts were once empty spaces
Now the graces of our newest races
I get to forget these incisions that made this chest bleed
And I thought it’d never end
Leading to the decisions of meeting my best friend