50 Shades of Cray

Dizzy in the desert, with the effort growing lesser
Lost, depressed, and hurt
My straight lined life hit a couple curves
Left turns, no right, all under, no lights
As I write, I’ve learned
That when you lose something good
you gain something better like lost treasure
There’s a reason why you find them
In dark places like caves and
With the trail behind you caved in
The same was as the way that life’s changin’
See what I’m explainin’
Is the way that life forces me away from
The places that I want to remain in
That I unknowingly love to be caged in
Now forced to evolve, I got a call
Mama’s gone, never balled, only balled
Yet slowly I’d fall
They ask if something’s wrong
I say no not at all
Chillin’ with some dolls, hiding all feelings appalled
Feelings that my life’s too flawed
Sulked in salt, never cooled off
I talk to pops, nothing that helps was taught
Feeling like I’m stuck on Alaska’s clock
The sun had dropped, but to come back up, it must’ve forgot
No happiness could be bought
Life couldn’t get better I thought
And that’s when I got
A blessing from God
He gave me the greatest angel
With no flaws at any angle
Better than anything in any fable
Advice that I was missing, she was able
To give, once again, I was able to live
Away from sin, I was able to turn away from the tip
Of the mountain
God always comes around when
You’re at your weakest point of a challenge
What an angel with her love that always comes out and
Always running like water from a broken fountain
And even thought before I couldn’t see it
She was exactly who I needed
Any secret, she could keep it
Any dream, she believed it
Anything I held caged, she freed it
And she is always right
Only wrong about things other than life
And since every thing is about life
She is always right
But never take advantage of when she’s polite
If ever you try, you will die
You will know, what it’s like, to commit, suicide
So never mess, with papa’s wife
Even papa’s like, “jk babe, I said sike”
And she’d be like “yeah that’s right”
Born from golden heights
They bring hate, she doesn’t fight
Instead, to take flights, she decides
And because I reside on her side
She cooks before my eyes, sweet delights
And when I, need advice, she replies
With the greatest combinations of words I’ve ever heard
And whether love is a noun or verb, the best teacher of it is her
Only the best is reserved just for her, it’s what she deserves
It to be hard work for God to create a beauty like hers
Not my mama by birth, but by a love so pure
One thing that I’m sure, mama always comes first
That’s why I love her, I love her, I. Love. Her.
And I said it 3 times, cuz once wouldn’t be fine
And twice wouldn’t properly shine, like these other lines
I had to add the charm where it belonged
within the words that I say
So if you bring harm, then it’s on
You should know mama doesn’t play
And when she gets cray, she’s like fire
This is the story about my beautiful mother Aida…

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