Fifty Five Thousand Feet Above Ground

I don’t know what to do now
I don’t know what to do now
As I get beat down
I don’t know what to do now
I don’t know what to do now
Every time I fly to save you, you knock me to the ground
I don’t know what to do now
I don’t know what to do now
The way you make me feel when I’m around…

I lose when I try to help you win, I guess I’m just a loser
I guess not super, you’re right I’m just a man
With scars and bruises getting bluer
I hoped for a better future
Even then a better me is not what you’re used to
I guess they all want us to be mediocre
Forever numb with no hurt
Not above or below, with them struggling in the snow
Every time you try to become the hero
You’re reduced to zero
And even in fiction, the good can’t glisten
None will listen, whenever you have risen
They want you to be hidden
It’s like whenever you’re on a mission
You do great and get assassinated by hitmen
It’s not your job, you must be odd
To want everyone with you on top
When you get to going, they want you to stop
You’re doing to good young man
You are too good young man, you can’t
You’ve gotten better and evolved
Their insecurities create problems that were never there
Yet need to be resolved
They get very scared
You did what they couldn’t, so beware
They shoot you down when you rise above ground
But don’t ever let them hold you down
Spider-man couldn’t spin webs freely
Being the superhero they can’t believe
I don’t understand
I guess there is no such thing as superman
They want to see dreams only in their sleep
Seeing dreams alive sends them too deep
Into themselves and their guilt
Unable to understand society’s idea of impossible skills
You are killed
They want you to be mediocre
To never be sober
At a party, you can’t have fun
If it’s too much
What they can’t reach, you can’t touch
I’m just so tired of that
I can’t be held to be required to have what they lack
And just because they can’t get it
You can’t have it
And when they don’t get it
You are blasted
Just look at history
It’s a mystery why we must all share the same miseries
But not me, not anymore
I choose to open my wings and soar
I can’t be the way I was before

I don’t know what to do now
I don’t know what to do now
So I choose to rise 55,000 feet above ground
They don’t know the answer to how
They don’t know the answer to how
I rose fifty five thousand feet above ground
And they never will
All you can control is yourself and how you feel
What is real is what you create
And what you are isn’t up for their debate
Do it now, and never wait
Do it now, and never wait
Because being patient for them will keep you from being great
Being a patient for them will keep you from being great
So be awesome
And never worry when you’ve lost some
Just be awesome
And never worry when you’re number one
You’ll light a fire that will inspire
And many others will fly after you expire
And now look at what you’ve done now
So many others are fifty five thousand feet above ground

Palm Trees

When it’s me and you, we never lose
We Never lose, we burn a fuse
To get better and diffuse
Why get mad, what to prove
You’re better than me
Cuz I’m nowhere near you
Dancing in a bar, listening to Marvin’s tunes
Driving around the city
Half our bodies halfway out
Feeling free as we shout
I know you can get rid of me
At least I know I’m the best of your history
How long we last is a mystery
Who cares though, we cuddle when the air’s cold
We fall like the season of autumn
My favorite season, when the roads ain’t rocky like Golem
Like Pokemon, gotta catch em all but I got em
Never cared when I lost em
But you’re different, you picked me up from the bottom
And now were here
Cheers, no cares and beers
Were at the fair, the air is clear
Fresh, baby you know we may not be meant to be
And we’ll probably find out eventually
But there’s nobody right now that I’d rather have next to me
And as the palm trees sway
I could be here with you all day
Letting all of our problems fly away
As we both fly
And we show each other smiles
We both know why
You and I…

Sunday Thru Saturday

I thought you knew what you were gettin’
What you’ve been missin comes with some things missin’
You feel your mission is to change me
Train me, it’s a pain to see, you mad and you hate me
But hate means at one point you loved
At one point you cared, now I’m not there
And there’s no us, from fresh air to dust
And you know I’m stressin’
And you know those are the girls I don’t really mess with
Those are just conversations like new music on stations
Just seeing what’s on, what’s playin’
How it makes me feel, do I appreciate it
Because you know I have to be free
Or at least feel that way
Just give me one day
Because for the rest, I’m yours from Sunday to Saturday
I don’t need to keep reassuring you
When you’re pressuring me
I got a couple words to cure you
Cheating ain’t one of my virtues
I’d rather put my clever ways to good use
Take my hand so we can dance
I’m here, give me a chance
And don’t act like you can’t
Because you know you can
And you want to, I don’t want you
To ever be sad or feel down
I won’t say I’ll keep it real now
Because that’s how I’ve always kept it
And even if you neglect it
You’re the only one I get undressed with
Wake up and I have breakfast before breakfast
I may be reckless but I love to make you breatheless
So baby forget your prejudice
I promise you excellence
We’ve been together since
Those hotel nights and pillow mints
And showers together, kisses as we rinse
I’m loved by all your friends
And love is the lens that only let’s me see you
You’re beautiful when you be you
As I open my arms, baby just fall in
I’m all in, sink or swim
Whatever sounds good cliches
You know you love the love that we make


Isn’t This How You’re Supposed To Feel When You Wake Up Every Morning?
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Isn’t This How You’re Supposed To Feel When You Wake Up Every Morning?

More Kanye (HERE) | Follow Major Curators

The 24 Years War

Damned in these lands where the peaceful waters don’t flow
A young man trying to find a fan for this heat
Learning different things from people that I meet
Just to find out what I don’t know
I mean you never know, you find what you don’t seek
Like when you go through North Cali
And see what’s hidden behind those redwood trees
I’ve fallen like those leaves, every place I leave
Seeing different things in my dreams
A young boy lost in those night terrors
No way out and they only get worst
Breaking barriers just to find some more new
Looking for light in this darkness
You’re just trying to find what’s more you
Who you are, what’s your character
In this play you live
With those necessary rehearsals that you don’t get
Getting those blessings for which you don’t wish
And becoming restrained by curses that are easy to commit
To, addicted and inflicted, a young misfit with problems but gifted
To solve em and dissolve em
But never to dissolve, just evolve from your faults
And I’m just trying to get better
Never say never because your bad ways don’t have to be forever
Because falling to your own habits
Is tragic and finding peace through chaos and havoc is magic
Hidden behind a different name
in a new world that’s never the same
And greater difficulties added to the game
Just to lose and gain, no matter what you do, it’ll change
You just have to stay in control of what you’re in control of
And that’s yourself and your ability to spread happiness and love and to help
Those in need because of the cards they were dealt
But first you have to change yourself
Before you can spread your wealth
I’m on the edge trying to figure out
The mystery hidden within my scalp
Just trying to stay ahead on the score
So I could win this 24 years war
That I’m fighting
Rising above that which hate is igniting is exciting
I’m done with trying, it’s all about what I will do
Because what you can’t do to heal you will kill you
You are your own greatest enemy
And you don’t have to pretend to be the real you
Just be you then you will know the real truth
If you don’t then you will end up living life regrettably
And if that’s me then that would be the end of me
So what I start will all come from the heart
Until I become a star looking down on the world from afar
Learning from the pain of my scars
So my addition to the story would be a legendary part